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Dermatologist Columbia, MD

Welcome to Kindred Hair & Skin Center

Kindred Hair & Skin Center is a practice devoted to expert level hair and skin care for people of all ethnicities and skin types. The practice offers high quality medical, surgical and cosmetic skin and hair care.  Treatment plans are individually tailored to meet your unique needs and lifestyle. When you visit the practice, rest assured that you are seeing a Board-Certified Dermatologist.

Medical Dermatology: This is the bread-and-butter of the practice and includes treatment of hair loss, acne, eczema, keloids, skin cancers and so much more. Since Dr. Kindred's training included Children's National Medical Center, she treats patients of all ages.

Cosmetic Dermatology: Dr. Kindred believes that to fully treat dermatology conditions, cosmetic dermatology must be included.  For example, while acne is considered to be a medical condition, the devastating scarring that acne leaves behind is considered cosmetic. A wide variety of cosmetic procedures, such as chemical peels, filler injections, and Botox are offered. 

Hair/Scalp Clinic: Dr. Kindred is a national speaker on a variety top of dermatological topics but most often on hair and scalp disorders.  She offers cutting-edge treatment including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair loss.